Wanting More in Eye Wear

Eye Wear Sculpture

Source: Flickr.com Photographer: dbking

  More. We all want more of everything. More time, more money, more stuff, more cars, more square footage. It’s the American dream. It’s our dream. We work hard every day, spending hours away from our family and friends, just so we can earn…more. We know this at America’s Best. We know you work hard and you want more. That’s why America’s Best is the only one to offer two complete pair of eyeglasses for the same price (if not less) as one pair elsewhere.

“2 COMPLETE pairs of eyeglasses for $69.95*, PLUS a FREE eye exam.”*

How can you beat that? The Vision Council’s Vision Watch conducted a survey which showed that 67% of people only have one pair of eyeglasses in regular use. Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. If you have a favorite pair and you love it so much you wear it every day, to every occasion and with every outfit, well, we’re happy for you. But what happens when you lose that pair? Or your niece or nephew accidently snaps a temple off? Or you leave them in bed and your significant other sits or sleeps on them? What then? You walk around with broken glasses until you finally get a chance to get to the store where you pay full price for another pair. But why do that when you can get “2 pairs of eyeglasses plus a free eye exam for $69.95″* in one visit? You can get two different kinds of pair, in case you do want to change up your look. If not, you at least have a backup eyeglass pair with an updated prescription in the case that you lose or damage your primary pair. In the end, we want you to have what you need and want for a price that you just can’t find anywhere else. We want you to have more in your eye wear because that’s what you deserve from your optical company.     *Single vision plastic lenses. In certain states, eye exam provided by independent eye care professionals.

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