Top Three Reasons to Wear Glasses on Your Wedding Day

Bride in GlassesIt’s one of the biggest days of your life…your wedding day. You carefully think through every aspect of it including what you’ll look like–head to toe.  If glasses are a part of your regular look, then I believe wearing them on your wedding day is exactly what you’ll want to do!  Here are three great reasons why.

Reason # 1: Wear Them So That You Will Look Like You!

Yes, a bride wants to look beautiful, glamorous and better-than-her-average-self on her wedding day. But, that doesn’t mean she should look like someone different.  The most glamorous brides (and those who are ultimately happier with their wedding photos decades later) are the ones who stay true to who they are on the big day!  Trust me, there is a huge difference between looking fabulous while people comment, “Wow, she is stunning” and having people say, “Who’s that?” If glasses are what you wear everyday, then they are an important part of your look. Most of us that wear glasses just look different without them.  It’s true!  From the man standing up there waiting for you to walk down the aisle, to your second cousin who came in from across the map, if people know you in your glasses, then don’t confuse them on your big day.

Reason # 2:  You’ll Be Able to Enjoy Your Day, Comfortably!

Contact lenses are fabulous, but if you don’t wear them and don’t think you’ll ever wear them, I’d recommend not adding extra hassle to your already over-scheduled pre-wedding life.  If you are comfortable wearing your glasses, and see well out of them, there is really no good reason why you can’t make them a beautiful part of your wedding day look.  Instead of trying to pretend you wear contacts for one-day out of your life, just spend what you would spend on new contacts on a fabulous new pair of designer glasses.  You’ll be more comfortable and eliminate any additional stress that may come with adjusting to wearing and caring for contact lenses.

Reason # 3:  They look hot!

My husband loves it when I wear my glasses…and I don’t think he’s alone.  Wearing glasses is not only stylish, but many men find women wearing glasses to be very attractive, dare I say, HOT!  There are so many pretty, chic, and wedding-day appropriate eyeglass frames out there now, you are sure to find a pair (or two!) that will help you achieve your perfect wedding day look. Check out more articles about how to look your best on your wedding day!

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