The Rickey Smiley Eyewear Collection Is Something to Smile About


Rickey Smiley has been making audiences laugh for over a decade. With his trademark prank calls or just out-right funny standup routines, Smiley has the lines and delivery to get your attention.

And now Rickey Smiley has a brand new eyewear collection that is sure to get your attention as well. These stylish frames will make you smile and, quite honestly, when you see how reasonably they are priced, you may just let out a little chuckle, too.

Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, you may know Rickey from his work on the syndicated radio show, “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show.” But he’s also been featured on HBO, Fox, and BET. But now I bet you’ll start to know him for his glasses.

Rickey’s new line of designer men’s eyeglass frames are some of the trendiest I’ve seen. They incorporate color, updated vintage looks, and other great elements of modern design into attractive and affordable frames. And, if you have the chance to see Rickey (instead of just hear him on the radio), you may notice he wears many of his own fashion eyewear looks.

Gentlemen (or even ladies!), if you are in the market for a new eyeglass frame, then I believe Rickey Smiley’s new line should be among the first you check out. Here are just a few of my favorite looks from his collection that all mimic the classic vintage style. These three frames are all available in a lightweight plastic and some dynamic colors.

Rickey Smiley 104


The two-tone combination of the blue and brown on this frame make it ultra-hip and a great choice. These colors will look great on just about every skin tone, and, though they stand out, they have a very professional air to them.

Rickey Smiley 103


This is another great frame with a cool look and color. The burgundy-colored, textured frame gives this pair character and a slightly edgier look, but still one that would work great with that three piece suit or just hanging out with the guys.

Rickey Smiley 101


This frame is a sure stand-out choice, and the color options are unbeatable. This stylish men’s eyeglass frame comes in purple and black, gray and green, or even black and white.

Check out the full selection of Rickey Smiley eyeglass frames at America’ by clicking here.

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