Old Eyeglasses

Old Eyeglasses and your Eye Health
“I got these eyeglasses 3 years ago, but I still see fine out of them. Why would I get new ones?”
We hear this question a lot. Typically, vision changes very subtly and over time. So realistically, even though you’re seeing “just fine,” your vision actually may be impaired. If you leave weakened vision behind an old prescription, you cause your eyes a lot of strain and fatigue. Your eyes are naturally trained to focus the objects they see. So even though you’re okay with wearing an old prescription, your eyes are going to work hard and continuously to sharpen the images before them. And when all your eye muscles are engaged in that way, with that kind of intensity, it usually results in headaches, lack of concentration, and squinting (which also lead to wrinkles around your eyes, just so you know). You’ve heard us say it a million times over, so prepare to hear us say it again:

schedule your annual eye exam.

  An eye exam in important in so many ways. Not only to determine if your vision has changed, but to screen for underlying causes that may affect your vision, for any eye disease (such as cataracts or glaucoma) that can be slowed down and treated with an early diagnosis. New lenses are also a good idea. Technology is rapidly evolving and newer, better health solutions with it. For instance, if you’re someone that works on a computer all day for a living, you’re going to want to get lenses that protect your eyes from glare and combat computer eye strain. Or if your work requires you to go in and out of places and always on the move, you may want to consider getting Transitions Lenses® to protect your eyes from UV rays. Even if you don’t need extra bells and whistles and your prescription hasn’t changed, you should get the condition of your lenses looked at while you’re at you’re visiting your local optometrist. Scratches and damage to the coating on your lenses can collect dirt and dust and scatter light as it enters the lens, distorting your vision. Your eyes are important, and you want to keep them healthy. Don’t neglect your eye exam, regardless of whether you feel like your vision is fine. Come in to your local America’s Best and get a comprehensive eye exam today.

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