Foggy Glasses?

It’s happened to all of us. You leave your nice toasty house and step out into the cold and, presto, you can no longer see anything because your glasses have fogged up! It’s a just downright cold outside. The last thing you want to do is stop and properly clean your lenses.  So a few smears of your glove inside the lens and you can see enough to get by. It’s called fogging.  Thanks to the moisture in the air, when you experience a dramatic and quick change in temperature (like going out in the cold or going from air conditioning to hot outside temps– or even when you open an oven door or stick your head in the freezer) fogging is what happens!  What makes those clear lenses turn cloudy? Well, the fog effect is actually tiny little droplets of water that sit on the surface of the lens. This is why, in most cases, you can simply wipe your glasses clean once the temperature stabilizes and solve the problem. But, there are ways to prevent fogging. Here are a few ideas.

Good Fit

First, the easiest way is to make sure that you have a good fit.  Your glasses need to sit on your nose in such a way where there is proper airflow under the lens in front of your face. If your glasses are too close to your skin, there is more of a chance that a change in temperature will cause them to fog.

Check Your Clothing

Second, if your glasses fit well, next (if applicable) make sure that none of your winter clothing is inhibiting proper airflow. For example – is that scarf muffed around your neck shooting the warm air of your breath straight up to your glasses?

Add a Product

Third, there are products you can purchase that claim to help reduce fog. Ask your local optometrist if he or she recommends them for your specific type of lenses if fogging is a constant annoyance.  Most of these products are simple to use. You simply spray the formula on your lenses, rub it in, and it repels those tiny droplets of water from sticking to your lenses.  Most of these products are not permanent, so they’ll have to be reapplied.  But, some last a week or longer. These products may be especially helpful if your problem with foggy glasses is mostly when you exercise outdoors, ski, or a part of your daily occupation.

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