America’s Best Supports Restoring Vision Through Donations

America’s Best is paired up with the non-profit organization Restoring Vision, to help supply developing countries and the underprivileged with readers and sunglasses. Restoring Vision works by sourcing supplies at a nominal charge to groups either going on a mission trip or groups that devoutly serve the underprivileged. These missions can be medical, religious or just philanthropic. Restoring Vision supplies materials that most mission trips don’t have access to, or if they do have access they cannot get the quantity they need to sufficiently cover the need they’ll face. For instance, did you know that most typical missions need 40-50% of their supply to be reading glasses? Restoring Vision specializes in supplying reading glasses to mission trips, because they are the optical instrument that had the most immediate and dramatic impact and are exactly what most people that are being helped by these missions need. Sunglasses are the second most popular type of visual aide needed, as UV ray exposure is known to cause eye diseases such as cataracts. These are especially important for those who live in tropical climates and earn their living by working outdoors. Restoring Vision, working with over 300 different mission groups, has helped to supply over 1.4 million eyeglasses to those needing vision aide in over 75 countries globally. America’s Best Contacts & Eyeglasses is proud to be a partner is supplying readers and sunglasses to mission groups through Restoring Vision. Please check them out at to learn more about the organization, its mission and ways you can help today.

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  1. Olakunle Adegbile says:

    Hello. I am an optometrist who has been invited to do mission work with several churches. I have worked with VOSH in the past in Dominican Republic doing mission work. I was invited to participate in mission work this year in Haiti, but I have deferred to next year due to lack of supplies. I was informed about programs with America’s Best by another Optometrist who does mission work in Haiti, and would like to learn more about acquiring sunglasses and reading glasses for the trips.

    Thank you for your time, and thank you for the response in advance

    Dr. Olakunle Adegbile, OD

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