Incredible Fendi Sale Going on Now!

by Heather Creekmore on July 24, 2014

There is a truly unbelievable sale going on right now at your America’s Best store on one of the hottest brand names in fashion. Period. Fendi eyewear is at America’s Best for a limited time and, it could not be any more affordable. For a limited time, you can come into your closest America’s Best […]

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Why Do I Need a Visual Fields Test?

by Heather Creekmore on July 17, 2014

I went to visit my eye doctor a few weeks ago and he suggested that I get a Visual Field Test (VFT) as a part of my eye exam. He mentioned there was a bit of an extra charge for it, but that I should go ahead and get it done because it was an […]

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Two Good Reasons You Need to Update Your Spare Pair of Glasses

July 10, 2014

Maybe you just re-ordered another year’s worth of contact lenses but didn’t stop and think about updating those spare eyeglasses. I understand: you wear your contact lenses every day. Perhaps you even wear extended wear lenses and the only time your glasses are even necessary are on that rare occasion when you get up at […]

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The Most Important Thing You Should Do Before You Start College

July 3, 2014

With just a few weeks left before many colleges and universities start classes, if you are headed to school next month I’m sure your to do list is a mile long. You have to buy twin sheets and figure out if you want to room with that random person you met at the preview weekend […]

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Too Much Texting Leads to Detached Retina?

June 26, 2014

As I was staring at my iPad screen (so hard that my eyes were starting to go buggy) I noticed an interesting and somewhat disturbing article on the popular electronics review site, CNet. According to something they reported, a Chinese man found himself with a detached retina after spending too much time staring at his […]

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