Funky Cat Eye Frames

Here are a few of our favorite funky cat eye frames available at America’s Best Contacts & Eyeglasses!

funky cat eye frames - Project Runway 127MPops of color

These Project Runway 127M frames pop with two exciting colors. Electric and royal blue make these cat eye frames ones you can’t ignore!

  funky cat eye frames - Mimic 5005  

Delicate browline

This Mimic 5005 style has an awesome combination of colors plus great details. The simple and sleep sculpting of the browline make the frames very delicate.


 funky cat eye frames - Armani 1016

Make an impression

These Armani 1016 frames will absolutely make an impression the first time you see them… and every time after that! The beautiful ice blue color is definitely out of the ordinary and will have people giving you a double take out on the street!


 funky cat eye frames - DKNY 4664

Classic with a twist

These glamorous DKNY 4664 eyeglasses take the classic tortoiseshell look and turn it on it’s head with a fabulous black, great and white pattern. Shop the huge selection of cat eye frames from America’s Best online or in any of our locations.

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