Why Should I Get AR Coating On My Glasses?

shutterstock_192451649You’ve visited your local America’s Best store and your time with the optometrist is coming to an end. Your exam is complete, you’ve chosen the perfect frame and they’re ready ring up your purchase. Then the optician asks, “Would you like any coatings or tints on your glasses?”

One of the options is an anti-reflective (AR) coating. You’ve heard of that before, but you’re not sure what it really is or what it will look like on your glasses.

Here are the 5 best reasons to get AR coating on your prescription eyeglass lenses:

See better

The number one reason to get an anti-reflective coating on your glasses is that AR coatings reduce glare. This feature can be extremely important in certain conditions, especially when you’re driving at night while relying heavily on car lights and visual cues. Glasses with an AR coating allow you to see the world more crisply. You’ll see better distinction between objects, and the benefits will be most clearly seen when it’s dark. If it’s rainy or overcast, the reduced glare can also help improve reaction time.

Eye strain is a significant problem, especially for those who are looking at screens during the work day. When you get AR coating, it helps reduce eye strain and fatigue and also minimizes the glare from overhead fluorescent lights.

Look better

When you get AR coating, your glasses will appear clearer, allowing more of your face and eyes to be seen through the lenses. The coating can almost give the illusion that you don’t even have lenses in your frame. If you work in a profession where you get your photo taken a lot or are often in front of a camera, an AR coating will benefit your vision. If you watch a video with someone being interviewed without AR coated lenses, you’ll be able to clearly see the difference the coating makes. The glare off the plastic lenses is so distracting that it’s hard to focus on what they have to say!

If you have a high prescription, you’ll receive additional benefits from an AR coating. It may sound improbable, but the higher your prescription is, the thinner and more invisible your lens will appear!

Squint less (in sunglasses)

If you get an AR coating in your sunglasses it will help reduce the amount of glare from light coming through your lenses. It also reduces the amount of light that bounces between your face and the inside or your lenses. An AR coating on sunglass lenses will reduce the amount of eye strain you experience and help you to squint less. Squinting less means reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes.

Lenses are easier to clean

Anti-reflective lenses are much easier to clean with a protective AR coating. Be sure to ask if your optometrist about specific cleaning instructions for the AR lenses that include a special cloth and cleanser. The coating is a hydrophobic and oleophobic technology that repels water and oils respectively. The next time you get a pair of glasses, remember to ask your local America’s Best optometrist about getting an anti-reflective coating on your eyeglasses!

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