Why People Choose to Wear Glasses, Even if They Don’t Need Them

professional woman wearing glassesIt’s time to confess. Have you worn glasses to make a fashion statement, even when you don’t need any kind of vision correction?  Now that I’m over forty, glasses or contacts—some type of vision correction—is a part of my daily life. When I was younger, I wore glasses all the time, just for fun. Here were a few occasions when I pulled out my fashion eyeglasses even though I don’t need them.

When I Wanted to Appear Smarter

I often wore my glasses to college exams. I bought the theory that you should dress for success. If I wanted to be smarter, I needed to look smarter. Glasses helped me accomplish that! I’d wear an intelligent-looking designer eyeglass frame with plain lenses. Other times, I wore a pair with just a bit of a prescription (a plus one (+1.00) to make the words on the test look a little bigger). I liked matching my hair and clothing to the more intelligent look I had with glasses. Sometimes I’d pull my hair in a bun to draw attention to my smart girl look.

When I Wanted to Appear Trustworthy

After I got a speeding ticket, I opted to wear my glasses to the hearing. I looked more trustworthy, more intelligent, and obviously like a person who would never, intentionally, drive too fast. All I know is the judge let me off with a smaller fine. Apparently, it worked.

Scientifically speaking wearing glasses was the right move. Studies show that people typically consider those who wear glasses to be more trustworthy than their glasses-free counterparts.

When I Wanted to Be Taken More Seriously

Around the office, I was often the young one. I dressed as if I was a serious professional and added a stylish eyeglass frame to top off my look. The glasses helped me project a confident, intelligent and “strictly business” look. I tend to look young for my age anyway, so the glasses helped me project an air of greater maturity.

If you hope to appear smarter, more trustworthy, or to be taken more seriously, then stop by your closest America’s Best and grab a pair or two of fashion eyeglasses. Even if you don’t need them to see better, you can still use them to advance your career or interview for that new job. Shop the entire selection of name brand, designer eyeglass frames online at www.americasbest.com.

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