Two Pairs of Stylish Bifocals for Less than $100?

Forty is right around the corner for me…and what that means is bifocals are in my near future. I dread the switch to bifocals because, well, they are expensive.  But, then I saw that America’s Best offers two pairs of bifocals for less than $100.  I thought, “Can this be possible?” The answer is…Yes. It is!  In fact, not only do you get 2 pairs of lined bifocals for $99.95 but you also get a free eye exam! And, the great news is there aren’t just one or two (ugly) eyeglass frames that you can choose from for this price.  In fact, America’s Best has hundreds of frames to choose from that qualify for this special offer. Here are a few of my favorite fashionable frames that you can walk away with for less than it costs you to fill up your gas tank twice. For example, look at this very modern sleek, black eyeglass frame from Artistic Values.  It has just a touch of crystal for a stylish duotone look that is one of the hottest looks this year in eyeglass frames.  It’s hard to believe that I could get this frame made into a pair of bifocals for such an incredible price!

Artistic 411 Women's EyeglassesOr this very modern looking frame by Commotion.  It’s called Brazen.  This “ain’t your momma’s” eyeglass frame…at all.  It’s hip and stylish, again featuring a splash of a complimentary color.  This frame comes in brown with purple, brown with orange, burgundy, or black.  I love how fresh and fabulous this ladies bargain eyeglass frame is!


Commotion Brazen Women's Eyeglasses

The final frame I wanted to show you is called Arrogance by Commotion. But, I don’t think there is anything off-putting about the styling of this trendy and affordable frame.  It’s shiny black modern look is accented by purple crystals for a touch of pizazz.  

Commotion Arrogance Women's Eyeglasses

If you prefer no-line or progressive bifocals, don’t worry. You can upgrade to those for less than $100 more.  And, this still is an incredible deal for two pairs of great fashion no-line bifocals!  By the way, did I mention that you get your eye exams absolutely free when you buy your 2 pairs of bifocals? This is a $45 value!  All eye exams are provided by a licensed optometrist using state of the art equipment. I think you’ll find the America’s Best doctors to be professional, courteous, and helpful when it comes to meeting your eye health needs. So what are you waiting for?  If it’s your time to need bifocals, America’s Best has the absolute best deals around.  Check out the full selection online or click here to find your closest store!

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