Trends in Eyewear: Bright Colored Plastic Frames

You’ve likely already noticed one of the hottest trends in eyewear this season. Why? Because the trend is all about noticeable, bright colored, plastic eyeglass frames. The brighter, the bolder, the better!

What I love about this trend is how it allows eyeglass wearers to really show their personality! In decades past plastic eyeglass frames were limited to just black and tortoise shell colors. There are a lot of gorgeous frames in black and brown, but the potential to portray a unique look was limited.

Now, plastic eyeglass frames are in just about any color you could imagine – bright pink, purples, blues, reds and greens, as well as unique combinations of Legacy Lane 14 Women's Eyeglassescolors. In fact, there are so many colors to choose from, I think your biggest challenge may be deciding which color to go with. (This is why you should shop at America’s Best – then you get two pairs of eyeglasses for one low price so you can pick your two favorite colors!)

Here are some of my favorite bright colored plastic frames. Check them out at your closest America’s Best store or try them on online!

Legacy Lane 14 in Matte Blue

You will not have the blues while wearing this bright colored eyeglass frame from Legacy Lane. The blue frame front will stand out from the crowd while the turquoise temples will give your look a heaping dose of energy. You know what else you’ll love about this frame? The amazing price. At less than $60, you should check out the pink and black version too!

Armani Exchange 3032 Women's GlassesArmani Exchange AX 3032 in Deep Pond Milky

If bluish-green happens to be your signature color, this is the eyeglass frame for you. It’s lovely rounded shape is sure to be flattering, and the color will certainly get you noticed—for all the right reasons. If you aren’t bold enough for the blue-green, then check out the Havana brown.

Mimic 5001

Are you passionate about life, work or love? Then check out this glamorous red Mimic 5001 Women's Glassesplastic fashion frame from Mimic. The lovely wine color will bring brightness to your face and help you light up a room. This fashion eyeglass frame just exudes confidence!

Dereon 520 in Gradient Tortoise Pink

Dereon 520 Women's EyeglassesIs pink your signature color? Then check out this glamorous frame from Dereon. The tortoise shell top gives it a touch of subtly before it packs a big punch of color on the bottom part of the frame front. I love how this frame looks on. Not a pink person? Try the tortoise blue version!

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