Tempting Temples

When trying on glasses, the focus is usually on the front of the frames. You look in the mirror over and over to make sure the glasses sit correctly on your face and frame your eyes nicely. So we’ve decided to mix it up. I’d like to give some attention to frames with very tempting temples designs. Temples are the arms of the glasses that rest on your ears, and America’s Best has some great examples of these out-there frames. You have to have a certain personality and confidence to pull off these frames, but I’m sure many of our America’s Best customers do. Take some notes and check out some of the hippest men’s plastic frames with an added twist!

Our favorite men’s frames with exciting temple designs

Bronx H These frames have a very industrial look. The detailed temples give the frames depth, and give your friends more to look at when they’re standing next to you. Argyleculture Coltrane These frames comes in both black and blue and are for the preppy at heart. The argyle pattern is small and subtle, but anyone sidling up to you will notice this great design.   Momentum MTM 1006 You’ve got to have a bold personality and style to pull off these glasses, but I’m sure some of our customers are up to the challenge. The stripes are an unexpected surprise on these otherwise standard plastic frames.   Bronx P These frames make a strong statement. The thick plastic gives the frames a more serious look, but the insets on the temples are an unexpected element of fun. The frames come in tortoise (shown below) and black.

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