Three Summer Activities You Shouldn’t Do Without Protective Eyewear

Summer activity: swimming in poolHere are three summer activities that you shouldn’t do without protective eyewear:


Protecting your eyes while you are swimming in the ocean, lake or your local pool is vitally important. The risk of the sun damaging your eyes increases because those rays not only hit you directly, but can also bounce off the reflective surface of the water and hit them again. Swimming without eye protection can lead to some serious issues for your eyes down the road. Additionally, the chlorine, salt water or even amoebas in lake water can be harmful to your eyes. If you’re going to put your head underwater, consider wearing snug fitting, UV protective goggles. If you regularly wear contact lenses, make sure you are protecting them while you swim, or, better yet, get some prescription goggles so you can leave them out while you do your laps!

Beach Volleyball

If you’re hitting the courts by the beach this summer, don’t play without the right protective eyewear. Your regular stylish sunglass frame may look good if your sitting courtside, but when you play, you really need a pair of sports sunglasses, like those from Rec Specs.
Choose a pair with a strap to help keep them on your head (or at least around your neck) so you can go for the dig without worrying about dropping your shades. In addition to the UV protection, you’ll want a pair that’s durable enough not to shatter should you meet our opponent (or the ball) at the net after a spike.

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Who doesn’t enjoy participating in America’s favorite pastime when the weather gets warm? But, flying balls, bats, and the limbs of other players can make baseball a hazardous game for your eyes—unless of course you choose a high-quality pair of Rec Specs or sports-specific protective glasses. Don’t try to play in your regular sunglasses. They aren’t built for the bumps, and tousles that come with an active game like baseball. Instead, choose a pair of protective glasses with sun protection built in. Consider including an anti-reflective coating and watch your visual acuity sharpen and improve your game.


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