Sports Eyewear That Performs

Whether you are hitting the slopes or up to bat, if you wear vision correction (contacts OR glasses), you need to wear something to protect your eyes and lenses on the field. This means you need sports eyewear!

Fortunately, America’s Best has everything you need to be prepared for whatever activity gets your heart rate going. These sports frames from Rec Sports all feature oversized lenses to protect your eye fully, lens tinting (colored depending on where you intend to use them), and a wrap design to protect the sides of your eyes from getting too much sun, splash or snow.

Here are a few of the coolest styles of sports eyewear:

Rec Sports: Torque
Sports Eyewear rec sports

This frame is all about comfort! It features heavy padding around the lenses that creates a seal between your eyes and the frame, so whether you are bouncing off a mogul or surfing a giant wave, you’ll feel no water, no snow, nothing but comfort wearing this great looking sports frame.

Rec Sports: Chopper
Sports Eyewear rec sports

You’re going to love the ruggedly wild look of this sports frame. It’s called Chopper, and it would look great while riding a cool motorcycle or dirt bike. Of course, you could also choose to wear it while playing tennis at the club and everyone would STILL think you look cool.

Rec Sports: Panton
Sports Eyewear rec sports

If simple’s not your style, check out this tricked-out frame called Panton. It says you’re serious about your sport and ready to win. Its masculine design and shape is sure to look great whether you are playing beach volleyball or practicing your golf swing.

Rec Sports: Rider

Sports Eyewear rec sports

Do you prefer a convertible? Do you like items that serve a dual purpose? This frame is for you! You can convert it to a traditional wrap-around sunglasses frame or make it a great pair of sports sunglasses. Flexibility is the key with this great looking, comfortable, sports frame.

Check out the full selection of sports frames online at America’s Best.

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