Shape Up Your Glasses Look

face shapeChoosing a new pair of stylish, fashion frames can be difficult.  You enter the optical store and may be overwhelmed by the hundreds of designer frames available.  But, there is one hard truth you know: not all of these glasses frames are going to look good on you. So, aside from narrowing your choices by colors and styles you like, how do you make your selection process simpler? The answer is something you probably learned about in preschool.  That is, you need to know your shapes. The first step is figuring out what shape your face is. If you aren’t sure, take a picture of yourself with your face directly pointed at the camera.  Print out the picture and then, loosely, trace around your face.  Is your forehead wider than your jaw line? Then you may have a triangular or what is called a heart shaped face.  Does the shape you traced look fairly symmetrical with soft angles? Then you are probably a circle.  Is your face equal in width and length but your jaw line angular? Then you could be a square.  You get the idea. Although it may seem abstract at first, once you trace your face you should be able to more clearly distinguish a shape. Then search, generally, for frames that have a shape that is complimentary to that of your face.  In some cases, that means an opposite shape. So, for example, if you have a square face, choose a round frame.  Or, if your face is round, choose a frame with some hard angles. Here’s a list of face shapes and glasses shapes that are recommended for them. Take this with you next time you are shopping for a new glasses frame!

Round Face Shape

Squared or angled frames will help sharpen your features and draw attention away from fullness.


Add width to the bottom of your face with geometric shaped frames or vintage, square-shaped frames.

Square Face Shape

Have fun with cat-eyes, round, or oval shapes to soften your angles.

Rectangular Face Shape

Choose a more rounded style and your face will appear less narrow.

Oval Face Shape

Oval shaped-faces are well-suited for almost any shaped frame. Choose whichever two pairs you like best and they’ll probably look great! When you get to the store, be sure to consult an optician on your frame choice. In addition to how the frames look on your face, it is important to consider the lenses  you need as well. For example, if you are wearing progressives, consider a larger frame that will provide more opportunity to maximize your vision. Still confused? Well, America’s Best has you covered.  Check out the virtual try-on here.  The system allows you to shop for frames based on the shape of your face.  With a few clicks of your mouse you can see how different shaped frames compliment, or distract from your face. Or, find the nearest store and try them on in person today!  

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