Reader Question: My Face is Very Round. Can I Wear Glasses?

  shutterstock_89407300 Here’s a great question from one of our readers. Dear America’s Best: I have an appointment scheduled for next week and I just know I’m going to need glasses. Although I think glasses are stylish and I have lots of friends that look great in them, I don’t think they’ll look good on me. My face is very round and I fear that the roundness of the lenses will make my face look even rounder (and bigger). I don’t think I’m ready to jump into contact lenses yet? Do you have any ideas? Sincerely, Brittany in Texas   Dear Brittany: Never fear, help is here (and at your local America’s Best)! Although it can seem like all glasses feature round lenses (because, frankly, our eyes are more round than not in most cases), it’s simply untrue. Eyeglasses come in a variety of great lens shapes that were designed to flatter and compliment your natural face shape. In other words: Lots of glasses don’t have round lenses! As a general rule of thumb, your thinking is correct. If your face is round, you’ll want to avoid round eyeglass frames in favor of ones that will contrast the roundness of your face. You’ll be better served to choose a rectangular or square-shaped frame, and then the lenses will be cut to fit them. The angles on the frame will actually make your face appear less round if that’s what you want. There are other options as well. Heavy and embellished brow looks are very popular right now, and they often work very well for people with round faces. Although I wouldn’t choose a frame without a bottom rim (called a semi-rimless), you can choose a great frame with a slightly heavier top rim that will sit on your brow line and draw attention upward. There are many cute frames with embellishments on brow of the frame, too, which will also raise the focal point on your face higher. Finally, realize that you aren’t going to be on your own if the doctor says you need eyeglasses. The staff at America’s Best is committed to helping you choose the eyeglass frames that look best on you and that fit your lifestyle. You won’t be left alone in a room with hundreds of pairs of frames not knowing where to begin. Their helpful staff will talk to you about your likes and dislikes and find the frames that will great on you! Here are some recommendations for you: Commotion Aggressive at America's Best The Commotion Aggressive frame is a nice rounded rectangle shape with a pop of color that will draw attention to your eyes. Click here to shop.   Heartland Alyssa at America's Best The Heartland Alyssa is a simple frame, but its rectangular shape will contrast well with round faces. Click here to shop.   Dereon 516 at America's Best The Dereon 516 is a rounder frame, but the color gradient emphasizes the brow and draws attention upward. Click here to shop.   Artistic Values A604 at America's Best The Artistic Values A604 is the best of both worlds: heavy-brow and rectangular. Click here to shop.  

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