Reader Question: Can I REALLY Get Two Pairs of Eyeglasses for $69.95?

2-for-6995 Dear America’s Best: I’ve seen the America’s Best commercials on television advertising two pairs of single vision lens glasses for just $69.95. This just sounds too good to be true. Can you tell me what the catch is? Are the frames at that price really fashion frames or will I end up paying more once I get there? Sincerely, Sarah, Dallas   Dear Sarah: Thanks for your question. I totally understand your concern. I’ve seen the commercials you are referring to, and I have to tell you: the deal really is that good. As a point of comparison, I recently attended a jewelry party at a friend’s house and realized that to get a truly nice necklace these days, it costs at least $40. When I compared the price I was going to have to pay for a necklace that I can’t wear every day to the price of two pairs of great eyeglasses, I realized just how big of a bargain this two pairs for $69.95 deal really is. The best part is that there are some really cute frames available within that price point. It’s not a picked-over clearance section, and it’s not the junk pile. There are dozens of options (about 90, in fact) that you can choose from to get that deal. If you want premium lenses, or if you want special coatings or lens technology, there will be add-ons. But for nearly every prescription, it is possible to leave the store with two complete pairs of glasses and a free eye exam having paid only 69.95! America’s Best does a really great job of stocking a fantastic variety of eyeglass frames that look great on every shape face. If you are looking for a hipster look, they have them. If you are more of a high fashion frame kind of girl, they have eyeglass frames for that too. And they have most of those styles at the 2 for 69.95 price point. The selection is truly unbeatable, and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. I’ve chosen four of my favorite pairs that are available at this price for you to see for yourself! Click here to visit America’s Best and find a store near you.  

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