4 Reasons to Switch to Podcasts (Your Eyes Will Thank You!)

You’ve probably heard that the blue light from our screens can negatively impact our sleep, but let’s be honest…when bedtime approaches and it’s wind-down time, there seems no easier choice than to just flip through some channels or scroll social media. Yet, there is a better choice—an easy one too. Podcasts!

Here are four reasons why you should switch to podcasts (especially at night!):

SMARTPHONE 3You can listen to podcasts with your eyes closed.

This prepares your eyes for sleep. In fact, instead of absorbing the light from screens that make it hard for you to drift off, listening to podcasts with your eyes closed can help you fall asleep much faster. That blue light from your screens interferes with your body’s melatonin production. If your pattern is bedtime screen-staring, you could be in for some bigger sleep issues ahead as your production of this important hormone slows.

Your eyes need a full night’s sleep.

If you watch TV or play with your phone at bedtime and your sleep gets shortened, your eyes are cheated for the next day too. Why? While your eyes are shut for the night, they repair themselves from damage they experienced during the day. Our eyes have amazing, natural healing abilities—but only if they stay shut long enough each night. If you wear contact lenses, this is an especially important time of rest for your eyeballs.

Eye strain is real.

Chances are you spend a good part of your day staring at screens. Maybe you work on a computer or you just check your phone for texts and emails throughout the day. If so, your eyes need a break! Eye strain happens when we stare at the fine print or the small text on the screen for too long. This leads to tired, dry and sometimes red eyes. If you’re working those peepers all day, give them some time off before bed.

Podcasts can enrich your life without stressing you out

Did you know that many people have a stress response to things they view on television or on social media. You can choose podcasts that soothe, calm and add something to your life that’s not stressful. No matter what interests you, there’s a good chance you’ll find a podcast that suits you. Download the Podcast App on your Apple products and start searching, or use Stitcher to search for podcasts on your Android device. Subscribe to your favorites so they’ll automatically download and you don’t have to spend time in the evening finding one you like!

If you’re experiencing any eye-related issues, including eye strain or dry eye, please find your local America’s Best store here to see an an eye doctor.

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