Nike Vision

Are you a sporty guy looking for a pair of fashionable men’s eyeglasses that are stylish but that fit your active lifestyle? Then you need look no further than Nike Vision. Nike Vision frames feature cutting-edge style and design. Yet, they are also durable, lightweight, and comfortable to wear. In addition to fashion frames that would look great on the golf course or in the board room, Nike Vision also makes recreational sport glasses frames, perfect for an afternoon on the courts or a day on the slopes. And, because each of these frames bears the Nike name, you know they are ready for whatever it is you choose to “Just do!” Personally, I think this collection of designer men’s eyeglass frames is one of the hottest I’ve seen. The colors are modern and bright but masculine. And the designs are trendy but not over-the-top. Plus, every single frame has the trademark swoosh on the temples so you know your frame’s got game. Here are a few of my favorite new Nike Vision frames: This wear-to-work, black, plastic frame has a modern square shape that will be a sure attention-grabber. It’s Nike 7222, and they’ve got “Clark Kent ready to change into Superman” written all over them. Nike 7222 Check out this sporty frame: Nike 7231. It comes in three different color combinations: blue and green, black and silver, or black and red. I think it screams “style!” Nike 7231 Look at this semi-rimless athletic frame: Nike 70751. The curved lenses will help keep debris or glare from sneaking in the sides. The temples come in several bright colors to suit a variety of personalities. Nike 7075 Nike 8063 is a classic metal frame and would make a great pair of eyeglasses for the busy executive to wear from the big meeting right out to the golf course. Nike 8063 Most of these great Nike Vision frames are available for a great low price of 2 pairs for $159.95. At this price, choose one pair for the courts and one pair for the office and it’s a win-win. Of course, Nike Vision glasses are a great choice for Transitions lenses or other sun protective lenses as well. Check out the full selection of great Nike Vision frames at

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