The Newest Strange Trends in Eyewear

Rickey Smiley Celebrity PartnerEyeglasses are the perfect fashion accessory. If you want to make a statement, you can make it on your face with a great pair of glasses. Yet some eyeglass trends take the ‘making a statement’ mandate a little further. There are some strange trends in eyeglasses out there! Some look like they’re straight off the fashion runways, while others looked like they were hand-carved from a tree! Check out these five strange trends in eyewear.

Wooden Frames

No whittling your way out of this one. Wooden eyeglass frames are hot. Made from real or faux wood, they look a little like a tortoiseshell pattern. They are also lightweight and comfortable.

Ribbons Instead of Earpieces

This is a more feminine take on the old Rec-Specs goggles that most girls would avoid wearing. Instead of a stretchy band holding glasses to your face, these fashion sunglass frames feature a thicker, satin-finish type ribbon that stretches from the sides of your lenses around your whole head. It’s kind of like wearing a headband and glasses, all in one.

Flower-Shaped eyes

Runways late last year were filled with glasses with lenses in all different shapes, including flower shapes. Yes, a thin piece of metal or plastic delineated the outline of a daisy or tulip.

The “Shield” Look

Think police officer helmet meets your everyday sunglasses. Kind of. These shades are more like a giant piece of tinted plastic that stretches across your face. Some have regular earpieces and others have a band going the whole way around. They might work well while riding a motorcycle, but I’m not sure I’d be seen walking the beach in them.

Colored Plastic Geek Chic

I love colored, plastic eyeglass frames, but sometimes this trend can go a little too far. It’s not always flattering when a tiny woman wearing huge plastic yellow frames has them extending from her eyebrows to below her cheek bones. But beware! Eyeglasses shouldn’t carry out a hostile takeover of your face.

Unique Embellishments

I’m a rhinestone girl. A few on my eyeglass temples will always make me smile. Other embellishments, like feathers or large pearls, can always take this trend to a new level!


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