New Rickey Smiley Frames at a Price That Will Make You Grin

Radio show host and celebrity funny guy, Rickey Smiley knows how to capture attention. Smiley just took home a coveted Marconi Award for best network/syndicated radio personality of 2017. His work has been making audiences laugh out loud for more than a decade and his line of fashion eyeglass frames is sure to also provoke a joyful reaction.

The Rickey Smiley collection of designer eyeglass frames are modern, attractive and affordable. During the America’s Best Designer Sale, you can get a brand new Rickey Smiley fashion eyeglass frame for only $69.95.

Here are two trend-setting, fashion frames that are brand new from Rickey Smiley. Head over to your closest America’s Best location to try them on today. You won’t be disappointed.

Rickey Smiley 113 for Men

Guys, you’ll be dressed to impress in this stylish Rickey Smiley designer frame. The vintage grey color will look sharp and distinguished on most men. But, don’t worry about this grey framing looking too old-fashioned, a pop of bright green or blue (you have two color options) gives this men’s frame a modern edge. My favorite feature has to be the temples. You’ll have to touch it for yourself to see how the molded metal looks like wood.
Rickey Smiley 113 Men's frames

If cool is the look you are going for, then look no further than this Rickey Smiley frame. Its shape mimics the popular sunglass style of decades ago—with a cool and classic look that’s sure to be noticed. Meanwhile, the lightweight metal will feel comfortable enough to wear all day long. Consider getting some Transitions® lenses put into this frame, they’ll look great with a gray sunglass lens.

Rickey Smiley 210 for Women

Ladies, the Rickey Smiley Eyewear collection may have just the frame you are looking for to add a fresh dose of style to your look. Rickey Smiley 210, much like the men’s frame above, also has a fresh vintage look. The weathered ear pieces set this designer frame apart from the crowd—also looking like a worn piece of beechwood. The shape is feminine, with a slightly heavy brow, but not overly girly.Rickey Smiley 210 women's frames

You can choose pink or turquoise, depending on your preference. The pink option is more of a bright burgundy, while the turquoise has a grey-toned front to keep the color even more muted. Choose your favorite and you’re sure to get compliments on this unique and stylish frame.

Head over to your closest America’s Best store to find the right Rickey Smiley frame for you!


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