National Sunglasses Day 2016

History of Sunglasses

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Did you know that today is National Sunglasses Day? In honor of our favorite must-have outdoor accessory, let’s explore the history of sunglasses.

In the mid 1700’s a scientist named James Ayscough first experimented with tinted lenses. Originally, Ayscough’s mission was to treat other vision ailments, not to shield anyone’s eyes from the sun.

Almost two centuries later, a company called Ray-Ban® created the first pair of tinted glasses designed to protect eyes from the sun. Their real goal was to help World War II aviators combat the glare while flying. Soon, Ray-Ban® realized the product they’d developed had a worldwide appeal, so they began selling sunglasses commercially.

New Look, New Styles

While some still wear the classic Aviator™ sunglasses, the options for shading your eyes from the sun have exponentially increased! Sunglasses come in every shape, size and color imaginable. Lenses can be mirrored, black, brown, green or a combination of several colors. Some lenses, like Transitions® lenses, even have the technology to lighten and darken as the sun’s rays intensify or decrease.

Let’s not make the mistake of relegating sunglasses to only summertime. Those familiar with eyecare and good eye protection know that sunglasses should be a year-round staple. The sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays don’t take a break just because you aren’t at the beach. In fact, for those who live in winter climates prone to winter precipitation, the intensity of the sun could be magnified thanks to the glare off the ice or snow. Sunglasses are a must have—all year round!

Protection – all year round

In the summer, I watch people get in the swimming pool without their sunglasses or stand in the ocean without them. While I certainly understand the concern over them getting lost or broken, I feel the bigger concern should be leaving ones eyes unprotected. The same goes for skiing and snow sports! Along with your hat and gloves, those anti-glare, anti-fog coated sunglasses should be an essential for winter sports. If you are concerned about your frames getting broken or lost, ask your America’s Best optician for some ideas. There are straps and different types of sunglass styles that will be more suitable to staying on your face if you are engaging in more active sports like downhill skiing or even surfing!

Celebrate National Sunglasses Day with your favorite pair of shades! Don’t have a favorite pair? Commemorate the holiday by heading to your closest America’s Best and picking out a brand new designer pair!

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