My Latest Eyeglass Frame Crush: 7 For All Mankind 773

Taking duotone to a whole new level

A few years ago, the duotone look transformed eyeglass fashion. Two colors on one frame was a revolutionary concept that really elevated frame styles.

But this brand new frame from 7 For All Mankind kicks that duotone concept to a whole new level by mixing a tortoiseshell pattern and a duotone. Some call it a fade effect, but I’ll just say that it’s a really unique look that will stand out from the crowd.

I really can’t get over how utterly cool this designer eyeglass frame is. Choose blue with tortoise on the top fading to solid blue, or if you are more of a pink girl, you can choose magenta with tortoise on the top down to solid magenta on the bottom.

The style would pair perfectly with your favorite denim (or, of course, 7 For All Mankind jeans) as well as a cute black dress.

The frames are made from a thin plastic, making them comfortable and lightweight enough to wear all day long. Fortunately, their also durable for those of us that are a little tougher on our frames.

Wondering if this frame would look good on you? Try it on at home with the America’s Best online eyeglass frame virtual try-on tool. All you have to do is upload a picture of yourself and then you can try this (and any other) frame on in any style. If you generally look best in warmer tones, start with trying the blue frames, and if your complexion blends best with cooler tones, try the magenta. You may even find that both colors look good on you – then you’ll have the same dilemma I did. Just buy both! (Good thing America’s Best offers an awesome two pair deal!)

If you have a round or oval-shaped face, this will be a great frame for you. This gorgeous frame has a rectangular lens shape which opens up most faces and draws attention to your face.

So, what are you waiting for? Go check out my latest frame crush at America’s Best today!

7 For All Mankind 773 Glasses in Tortoise Blue

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