How Mix and Match Pricing Works at America’s Best

I love a good deal. That’s why I love shopping at America’s Best for my eyeglasses with their mix and match pricing. Don’t believe me? Let me show you how these great deals work.

Women’s Mix and Match Pricing

Let’s say you find an eyeglass frame you adore, like this adorable, new designer frame from Christian Siriano.

It retails for $99.95 (a steal for a frame this cute and stylish). You know the pink color and the funky styling will be an attention-getting look.

Imagine that on your way to the mirror to look at these awesome Christian Siriano frames, you pass an amazing frame by Dereon.

This frame’s more understated look may be better for the office. You wonder if you’ll get tired of wearing the bright Christian Siriano frame all the time. “Will it match everything in my wardrobe?” You ponder this question for a moment. Until…You see the price tag. It reads $69.95. Perhaps you should just choose it. It is less expensive. 

Then your America’s Best optician mentions mix and match pricing. She explains that you can buy the cool and stylish Christian Siriano eyeglass frame for only $99.95 and get the sophisticated Dereon designer frame for only $35 more. You do some quick math in your head and figure out that this is only $134.95 for two pairs of eyeglasses.

This means you can get the funky frame you love and wear it whenever you’re feeling fun and free, and you can get the more refined frame and wear it when your look needs to be more restrained.

You tell her you’ll take both pairs and do a “I just got a bargain” happy dance! Then you drive home with a smile on your face and tell your husband about the great deal you just got.

Men’s Mix and Match Pricing

He decides to visit America’s Best the next week because he’s overdue for an eye exam. He’s thinking he only needs one pair of eyeglasses, he’s curious about a two pair deal. After his exam, he gravitates towards a cool pair of Ray-Ban® frames.

The price tag reads $159.95 and he tells the optician that he’s set with just one pair. Then she shows him this semi-rimless eyeglass frame from the NASCAR collection.


He remembers that he’s kind of hard on eyeglasses. “Having a back up pair of glasses might be wise,” your husband tells the optician, but he’s worried the price will be more than he’s willing to spend.

To his surprise, the optician totals his choices. One eyeglass frame at $159.95 and another frame at $79.95 totals only $199.95. “What a deal!”

Thanks to mix and match pricing, both you and your husband are set with designer eyeglass frames for the year.
That’s it. No catch. No hidden fees. If you want special coatings or tints on your lenses, you’ll pay more, but the flat rate for the designer frames and single vision uncoated plastic lenses stands. Learn more about mix and match pricing or shop the selection of frames online at

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