Men’s Winter Frames: The Hottest Designer Frames for the Season

Looking for a cool, new look this winter? America’s Best is where your shopping trip should begin! New clothes? Why not focus on adding a dynamic fashion eyeglass frame to your wardrobe? These winter frames are sure to elevate your style. Need some recommendations?

Here are a few of my favorite men’s designer eyeglass frames for this season:

Ray-Ban® RX 5150

Ray-Ban 5150 men's glasses

This frame stands out from all the rest with its bold and edgy style – don’t let that intimidate you. This eyeglass frame is neutral and traditional enough to wear in the most conservative of offices without getting funny looks.

What I like most about this frame is the transparent interior. It lightens up the whole look. If your face is round in shape then this you, especially, should check out this frame. It will look great on you!

Ray-Ban® RX 5245

Ray-Ban 5245 men's glasses

Ready for a look that won’t go unnoticed? Then this dynamic frame from Ray-Ban® should be the first one you try on. The Havana pattern is a lighter, more unique look that will stand out from the crowd.

Paired with jeans, khakis or a hip navy blue dress suit, this designer eyeglass frame looks youthful, modern and undeniably stylish. Plus, its slim plastic build will be comfortable to wear all day long.

Randy Jackson RJ 1917

Randy Jackson 1917 men's glasses

You can always count on Randy Jackson eyewear to reflect style and this pair, RJ 1917 is no exception. With its heavy brow look, this frame is high fashion and highly flattering.

What I love about this vintage-inspired frame is the streaked temples. They just give the frame an extra pop of subtle personality. You’ll have to try it on to fully appreciate how great this frame looks! (You may really appreciate the price of this cool designer frame too!)


NASCAR 30 men's glasses

Attention NASCAR fans, you need new glasses, and this is the pair for you.

This classic, masculine looking black eyeglass frame has a bit of added style with just a touch of tortoise shell on the ear tips. But don’t worry! The square frame shape keeps the look seriously sporty. Did I mention they are seriously affordable too? At just $79.95 this pair won’t bust your budget. Try them on and see for yourself!

Check out all the great designer men’s eyeglass frames at amazing prices at the America’s Best location near you!

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