10 Make-up Tips for Girls Who Wear Glasses

Make-up tips for girlsDo you wear make-up and glasses? I do! Some days I wonder if I’m doing it right. Do I bother with eye shadow when my frame covers half of my eyelids? I decided to do a little research to examine what make-up experts had to say about pairing make-up with eyeglasses. Wow, did I learn some great tricks! Here are ten make-up tips for girls who wear glasses:

Find Foundation That Lasts

If your foundation ends up on your clothing, or other parts of your body, frequently, you may want to consider investing in a longer wear foundation. Otherwise, it will end up on your frames.

Don’t Skip Concealer

Yes, glasses can help hide dark circles under your eyes. But, don’t skip that concealer. Sometimes your lenses can emphasize discolorations under your eyes, so cover that area delicately.

Do Skip Lower Lash Liner

If you feel like your glasses emphasize under eye darkness, then skip the lower lash liner, it can emphasize those dark areas.

Don’t Skimp on Mascara

If you are nearsighted, the prescription in your glasses may make your eyes appear a tad smaller. Don’t skip the mascara – Play up those gorgeous lashes. Just choose the type that doesn’t smudge and wait until it’s dry before you put those glasses back on.

Keep It Soft

On the other hand, if you are farsighted, your glasses may make your eyes appear larger. In this case, don’t overdo your eye make-up. Keep the colors of your liners and shadows soft so they don’t overpower your face.

Curl Then Mascara

Speaking of lashes, did you know you should always curl your lashes before mascara? The wrong order could break your lashes off.

Define Your Brows

Don’t leave those eyebrows unruly because you’re throwing on your favorite specs. Trim, darken, smooth, just like you would if you weren’t wearing glasses. Not all frames cover your eyebrows. In some cases, your glasses may draw attention to them.

Choose Shadows Strategically

If your glasses are blue, don’t choose the same color and tone of blue eye shadow. Instead, choose colors that don’t compete with the color of your eyeglasses. If you absolutely must use the same color, choose a shade lighter than your frames. Remember: Light and neutral colors around your eyes will do the best job to brighten them up.

Try Pressed Powder

Here’s a secret every celebrity who wears eyeglasses knows: use pressed powder to keep your foundation in place and away from your eyeglasses. You’re welcome.

Choose the Right Frame

You’ve gone to all that trouble to make sure your make-up look is perfect for your glasses, now make sure your glasses are perfect for your face! Choose a color and shape that flatter and enhance your natural features. Not sure what to choose? The helpful staff at your closest Eyeglass World will serve as your personal stylists and help you find the perfect pair.

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