Labor Day Savings (That Doesn’t End in September!)

It’s that time of year! Time to score great deals on everything you need for back to school: clothes, backpacks, school supplies and eyeglasses and contact lenses! Did you know that America’s Best offers these great prices on all of your optical needs all year long? That’s right, the deals that other stores will only give you one weekend a year, America’s Best offers every weekend of the year! That’s Labor Day savings + year-round savings at America’s Best! The deal is even better now because of our Designer Sale happening until Sept. 9!

America’s Best’s two pair deals are the best way to take care of all your family’s vision needs. Here’s how you take advantage of our mix & match pricing

Here’s how it works.

  1. Have your eyes examined by the America’s Best optometrist. In some locations this is an independent doctor of optometry.
  2. Savor the fact that this eye exam will be FREE if you choose to get two pairs of glasses during your visit. (Boom! You just saved $45!)
  3. Visit our huge eyeglasses showroom and pick out your two favorite pairs priced at $59.95.
  4. Pay only $69.95 for two pairs of single vision uncoated plastic lenses + frames, and the eye exam.
Mix and Match pricing for Labor Day savings year round

It gets even better.

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t need a back-up pair of eyeglasses? Whether it’s another color or style so you can keep your eyeglass fashion options fresh, or another pair for a child prone to misplace their frames, two pair is always better than one.

If you need progressive lenses, Transitions® lenses, tints or some other special feature to your lenses, you can simply add an upgrade. You don’t lose your two pair deal by adding these special lens options. Lens upgrades do increase the overall cost of your glasses. You can also choose a designer frame or a frame in another price category and the mix & match pricing still applies!

You’ll save all year long when you opt for America’s Best’s Mix and Match two pair deals. Call your closest America’s Best and make your appointment today.

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