Incredible Fendi Sale Going on Now!

Fendi Black EyeglassesThere is a truly unbelievable sale going on right now at your America’s Best store on one of the hottest brand names in fashion. Period. Fendi eyewear is at America’s Best for a limited time and, it could not be any more affordable. For a limited time, you can come into your closest America’s Best and get two pairs of designer Fendi frames with single vision plastic lenses included and an eye exam for only $99. This is a truly unbelievable deal on a brilliant designer brand!

Fendi’s History

Did you know that the Fendi empire began almost ninety years ago in Italy? The original Fendi’s, a husband and wife team, started making fine leather goods, including designer handbags and unknowingly, began an empire. The Fendis had five daughters who took over the family business in the 1960s and made it thrive. By the 1980s the Fendi sisters had opened their first store on 5th Avenue in New York City and Fendi luggage, handbags, and umbrellas were a must have for the fashion savvy. As the eighties and nineties progressed Fendi ventured into men’s fragrance and apparel and watches as well. These sister’s shrewd business acumen turned Fendi into an international success and made the signature “F” and bright yellow box recognizable worldwide. And, their eyeglass frames are also a must have for the style conscious.

Fendi Frames

All of Fendi’s frames have great designer styling with modern looks that are eye-catching but versatile. Some of these eyeglass frames have dramatic colors and color combinations, while others are perfect for pulling off a trendy hipster look. My favorite frames in their collection are the oversized plastics in classy colors. And, I love the way that almost all of their frames contain the Fendi “F” logo. If it’s been a while since you’ve had your last eye exam and you know you’ll need a new pair of glasses, you can’t afford to not check out this deal! At $99 for two pairs, I don’t know how anyone could consider missing out. Many of these frames retail for well over $200, all by themselves! I do know that supplies are limited for this great deal, so you’ll want to make sure to get to your closest America’s Best retailer very soon, or they’ll be sold out of your favorites. You can’t get this bargain online.    

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