Why should I get HD lenses?

Everything is HD nowadays. Your television is HD, as are the movies you watch in the theater. It seems everyone wants an outstanding visual experience and the opportunity to see every grain of the image in incredible detail.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could see that clearly through your glasses? You can.

HD lensesFor those looking for an incredible way to amp up your visual clarity, Digimax HD Lenses with Nikon Total Shield are the way to go. You can’t find a better lens that offers anywhere close to their superior visual experience.

The Digimax HD lenses with the Nikon Total Shield are available for single vision prescriptions or as progressive lenses at America’s Best stores. In addition to offering one of the clearest lenses available, these lenses also offer up to 20% wider fields of view when compared to basic lenses.

HD lenses with the Nikon Total Shield provide unprecedented clarity after dark. They reduce glare and halos (the light you may see surrounding bright lights at night). Anyone who does a lot of night driving or needs to see clearly after dark would greatly benefit from these lenses.

Digimax 2Superior to Regular Anti-Reflective Coatings

Why do we recommend the Digimax HD lenses with the Nikon Total Shield? It’s simple. You want to protect your investment and ensure the integrity of the HD lens experience you purchase. The Nikon Total Shield lasts up to 15% longer than a regular anti-reflective coating. In addition to reducing glare, it also provides UV protection which is critical as the sun can damage your eyes year round.

The Nikon Digial Shield also repels smudges, dust and dirt from your HD lenses. Think about it as an invisible case for your brand new lenses that will keep them spot-free. (Note: You will still want to carry your glasses in a case to protect them from scratches!)

HD Lenses Fix HOAs

If your optometrist has ever mentioned something called Higher Order Aberrations or HOAs then you’ll really want to give these Digimax HD lenses a closer look. Higher Order Aberrations are vision issues that can’t be corrected like a regular refractive error. In some cases, these errors are a result of the way one’s eyes are designed and regular glasses lenses often can’t do anything to help. These high definition lenses just may do the job!

Read more about Digimax HD lenses here and remember these lenses the next time you buy glasses!

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