Four Eyeglasses Frames Pretty Enough for Your Wedding Day

It’s the biggest day of your life.

Your wedding day.  You want everything about it to be special.  You’ve spent months finding the location of your dreams, weeks choosing flowers and appetizers, and hours identifying just the perfect dress.  Now, it’s time to think about your accessories.  Namely, your glasses. It’s a day of glamour and of beauty, so, your glasses should reflect that.  While it is perfectly acceptable to wear your regular eyeglass frames on your wedding day, in some ways, that’s kind of like wearing your old shoes.  It’s a special occasion. Your glasses are like a beautiful piece of jewelry for your face.  They should be extra special, too.

How to Choose Glasses as a Bride

Choosing designer eyeglass frames that rise to the occasion isn’t hard.  (Finally, one decision that’s not super stressful, right?)  You’ll want to find a pair that captures both your personality (fun, sassy, sophisticated…) and the tone of your event (formal, casual, over-the-top!). Also, I recommend taking along your headpiece and earrings if you are choosing special wedding day eyeglass frames.  Seeing all of these accessories together will help you get the best idea of how your completed look will coordinate. Here are a few of my favorite frames that are truly pretty enough for your wedding day. This frame by Daisy Fuentes is a neutral color, classy and, has a cute little word “Love” on the temple.  How appropriate, right?

Daisy Fuentes Peace Eyeglasses

Are you known for being a little cutting edge when it comes to style?  This plastic designer frame by Cosmopolitan is stylish and trendy but would look great with a no frills, more modern wedding day look.

Cosmopolitan Dazzle Eyeglasses in Onyx

If you are accustomed to wearing a darker or black eyeglass frame, check out this one for your big trip down the aisle.  The hearts on the temples give them an extra touch of pretty. Black Glasses from Daisy Fuentes - Peace Prefer to keep your glasses in the subtle category?  Then check out this pretty semi-rimless frame from Guess.  It’s thin temples and eye pieces will keep the attention on you, though anyone who notices this frame will see how pretty its details are! Guess Glasses in Pink and Brown Whether you want to choose a designer eyeglass frame that coordinates with your wedding’s theme colors or just a pair that goes with the look and style of your dress, the America’s Best catalog has many beautiful frames that you can try-on virtually if your busy pre-wedding schedule doesn’t allow you the time to spend at the store.

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