Five Hot Men’s Eyeglass Frames

Gentlemen, if you can’t remember the last time you had your eyes examined or picked out a new glasses frame, let me assure you…it’s time!  Glasses are the must have accessory for both men and women…and if your frames are screaming last season…or last decade…then, now is the time to find a new eyeglass look. The great news is there are several popular and fashionable styles of mens’ eyeglass frames out there that I feel will fit just about any and every man’s personality.  Never have there been so many different directions men could go with the look of their glasses. Gone are the days when you just had to choose whether you wanted metal or plastic.  Now, men’s eyewear reflects all the hottest styles and can really make a powerful statement.

Here are 5 hot men’s eyeglass looks this season:

1.  Heavy Brows:

Browline frames are a must have this season. If you are a more serious chap, or perhaps one who considers himself low key yet somewhat sophisticated, this may be your new perfect pair.  I love how affordable and neutral this very stylish frame is.   Men's Brown Eyeglasses

2.  Geek Chic:

If fashion and trendsetting are right up your ally, then Randy Jackson eyewear may have created your perfect eyeglass frame.  This frame, RJ 3003 is solidly nerd cool with a touch of bling (hints of clear crystal give it a little something beyond your regular old horn-rimmed look).

Men's Shiny Black Eyeglasses by Ray Ban

3.   Color Pop:

Ray-Ban® does color in a cool way in this contempo-casual frame that exudes one of the hottest eyewear trends this season, pops of color.  The black exterior gives them a Clark Kent calm type of appearance at first glance, but as you get a little closer you’ll show the world you are the superman of fashion with the red patterned interior. Black and Red Ray Bans for Men

4. Round it Out:

Don’t be a square this season, try a pair of trendy and bold round frames like this one from Ray-Ban®.  If you are a fashion maven, you probably already know this is one pair you need.

Shiny Black Ray Ban Glasses for Men

5. Color Fade:

This is one of the hottest looks of the season that is sure to get attention.  You are guaranteed to get at least one compliment or a, “Wow! I love your glasses!” each and every day you wear this stylish frame from Sean John. The tortoise shell fades to a solid black on the front of the frame for a truly unique look.Black and Amber Men's Eyeglasses from Sean John Can’t decide which pair best suits your look?  The great news is at America’s Best you always get two great designer eyeglass frames for one low price.  Try two new looks and keep them guessing!

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  1. Edgar A Jackson Jr. says:

    I’m trying to find the Sean John color fade eyeglass frames , but with no such luck . Can someone please point me in the right direction . Who carries these ? Thanks

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