Fall’s Hottest Fashion Frames For Men

I’ll just come right out and say it.  I think you’d be hard pressed to find a man who doesn’t look good in glasses. There is just something debonair, sophisticated, and oh so appealing about a man who is wearing a stylish eyeglass frame.  Whether they are reading glasses or the only way he can see to drive…it makes no difference really.  Women love a smart man.  And, in my opinion, the right pair of cool glasses can give a guy all the extra IQ points he needs to catch a lady’s attention. Choosing a frame isn’t always easy for guys though. Many men want someone to scour through the designer frames and say, “Here, these look good.”  Or, the budget conscious man may be scared of words like “designer” and instead ask to only see the discount eyeglasses. Today, I’m going to make it easy for you men to freshen up your style with a new pair of eyeglasses that will turn heads without breaking the bank.  If you don’t have a current lens prescription, then go find an eye doctor fast to get one. Because gentlemen, these glasses are affordable and the only accessory you need to get a look as cool as the temperature.

Look Superman Smart For Cheap

These frames are as inexpensive as 2 for $69.95 with single vision lenses in them. That is a deal any man can appreciate.  Check out this chunky Clark Kent inspired pair or this updated lighter tortoise shell men’s frame. Bronx M BRONX I Tortoise

Heavy Metal For Trend Setters

Metal is in! You’ll be hard pressed to ignore these discount designer glasses made of durable but lightweight metals.  My pick is this pair of cool black metal glasses by Ebony. EBONY 11 Black

Hipster Style For a Cool Price

So maybe you’ve never called anyone, “Dawg.”  But, these two hipster frames by American Idol judge turned eyeglasses designer, Randy Jackson are cool and affordable. Both are very current updates to retro-looking men’s glasses frames. The black-and-blue has the must have duo-tone color that is the hottest trend in men’s frames this season. Black and blue eyeglasses from Randy Jackson. Randy Jackson Black and Dark Red Eyeglasses And there’s no need to choose just one look. With our two pair offers, you can get two great, and completely different, frames for one low price. Stop by your local America’s Best retailer today!

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