Eyeglass Lens Coatings: Anti-Reflective

What is Anti-Reflective Coating?

Lens coatings can improve the performance and appearance of your eyeglass lenses.  One popular lens coating is anti-reflective. Anti-reflective coating is also called AR coating or anti-glare coating.  This coating improves your vision through the eyeglass lenses as well as for many the appearance of the eyeglasses.

Benefits of AR Coating

One of the major benefits of AR coating is that it blocks reflected light, which means you see less glare and halos surrounding bright lights.  This is specifically helpful and increases safety when driving at night.  AR coated lenses allow over 99% of available light to get to the eye.  When compared with non-reflective lenses, these also make your eyes more comfortable while looking at a computer screen for a long time. People looking at you wearing eyeglasses with AR coating also see less of a glare on your lenses, too.  This creates a nicer appearance because the glasses appear thinner to others and they can see your eyes better through the lens. If you wear high-index lenses, you will benefit even more from AR coating. These thinner, lighter lenses reflect more light than regular plastic lenses unless an anti-reflective coating is applied.

Qualities of AR Coating

AR coatings share qualities of the coatings used on camera lenses and microscopes, which are made of layers of metal oxides added to the front and back of the lens.  This layering sometimes causes AR coatings to appear slightly green or purple depending on what specific formula the manufacturer uses. Most premium AR coatings include a surface layer that keeps water spots from forming and helps make the lenses easier to clean.  Some also include a layer that repels skin oils and makes it easier to get smudges off lenses. When cleaning lenses with an AR coating, you should check with your eye doctor to see what he or she recommends using.  Lens cleaners should only be used if they do not use harsh chemicals, since those can damage the AR coating.  You can also read more here about general eyeglass lens care.  Proper care is especially important with coated lenses because fine scratches can appear more visible than on uncoated lenses.

Getting AR Coating

AR coatings are available with most prescriptions.  There are also other coatings available such as scratch-resistant, anti-fog and UV if you are looking for other options.  Check with your eye doctor to find out more about what is available when it comes to eyeglass lens coatings. Find an America’s Best store today to get your eyeglasses.

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