Disappearing Act: Rimless Glasses

Are you the type of person who needs vision correction, doesn’t especially like the idea of contact lenses but wants a pair of glasses that are practically unnoticeable?  Maybe you are weary of the eyeglass trends that come and go and really only care to have a pair of lenses held over your eyes in some understated way. If any of this sounds like you — then allow me to introduce you to the rimless eyeglass frame! Rimless frames have been around for decades and are a favorite among people who don’t like to fuss but need to see!  Sure there are lots of styles available in rimless frames that are very fashionable, but in many cases, people choose a rimless option because they know that they won’t be going out of style anytime soon. One of the best things about rimless frames is how lightweight they are.  If you don’t like feeling your glasses on your face (and your vision prescription allows for your lenses to be thin enough) you will not even notice you are wearing glasses in a rimless frame. Other people choose rimless frames because they don’t detract any attention away from your face.  If you don’t feel like you need glasses for added cosmetic appeal, then perhaps a rimless frame is right for you.   Choosing a rimless style alleviates the need to find the right shape frame for your face and offers, instead, a clean, barely there look that works in the office or out on the town. The way a rimless frame works is the lenses are joined together only at the nose (or bridge).  Tiny screws and some invisible wire keep the lenses in place and attached to the side temples (earpieces) as well.  Most rimless frames work best with plastic eyeglass lenses because the lenses don’t add any extra weight and, thus, are easier to hold into place. If you like the rimless look but still want a little pizzazz, there is an in-between option called semi-rimless. America’s Best has an awesome assortment of rimless and semi-rimless frames for both men and women.  And, because you can choose two pairs of glasses for one low price at America’s Best — you can pick a pair of regular rimless glasses and a pair of rimless sunglasses if you want!  A few of my favorites are pictured below.  Use America’s Best virtual try-on system and see how rimless frames look on you!

Vanish 203

Vanish 203 Steel

Ray-Ban® 6182

Ray-Ban 6182

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