The Coolest Eyeglass Frame You Need to See

I have another new favorite eyeglass frame. It’s cool and cutting edge. It’s Ray-Ban® 5255, and it’s a frame that you really won’t forget. Why? Well, what makes this pair of fashion frames so memorable is its color. You see, they’re blue. Not just any color blue, but ice blue. It’s a bright and bold color that is sure to catch your eye, and the translucent finish keeps it looking sleek and modern. RayBan 5255

Ray-Ban® RX 5255

And then there’s the fact that it’s made by Ray-Ban®. I mean, come on. Does this company make anything that’s easy to overlook? Not really. Ray-Ban® eyeglass frames are always intended to get you noticed! For those of you not afraid to have people complimenting you day and night for your phenomenal fashion sense, this eyeglass look is one you must try on. It’s not that I think you have to be brave to wear these frames, rather you just need to be prepared for all the extra attention you’ll get and compliments you’ll receive when you have them on! It’s not just the ice blue color and darker temples that make it stand out. The eyeglass shape and overall styling are the perfect combination of modern and retro, which is another thing Ray-Ban® is really, really good at. The cool look of this frame would lend itself to looking great with just about anything you wear, but the look would pair especially well either with a sleek look, like your favorite skinny power suit and a slick ponytail, or a fresh take on a monochromatic color scheme, like a vibrant denim or chambray top paired with dark wash denim jeans and artsy braids. Of course, I could also see wearing this eyeglass frame with a flirty cocktail dress to a dinner party or a fun night out on the town. While blonde and blue is a tried and true combo, brunettes or those with extra dark hair will also look fabulous in this cool color blue. However, this is definitely one of those eyeglass frames that you will need the right skin tone in order for it to look great. Check it out or try it on by clicking here. For more great designer frames at prices that can’t be beat, visit your closest America’s Best store!

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