Why get a scratch coating on your lenses?

Let me explain it in two simple words: clear vision.

If you are notoriously hard on your eyeglasses, a scratch coating will give you added protection against the scratches that your lenses accumulate during day-to-day wear or transport. Those little scratches that show up on your lenses have a big impact. You may not even realize it, but those little marks can impair your vision and make it difficult to see clearly through your lenses. If you’ve worn eyeglasses before, you’re probably familiar with how easy it can be to gather these little scratches. To make sure your next pair of lenses stays clear and last until your next eye exam, consider getting a scratch coating.

What is a scratch coating?

Scratch coating (or more accurately, an anti-scratch coating) is a clear treatment that coats your lenses so that the plastic becomes more resistant to scratches. There is no treatment that can completely safeguard your lenses from all scratches, but this coating will help protect the plastic lenses from minor scratches

To coat your lenses with the anti-scratch coating, your lenses will be dipped or sprayed with a special solution at the lab where they’re being manufactured. It is important to order this coating when you first order your glasses because the coating needs to be applied to brand new lenses.

file000568230094Who should consider getting their glasses scratch coated?

A scratch coating is a wise investment for any glasses wearer, although there a few groups who will almost always benefit from this coating: children, people who tend to lose or not use glasses cases, people who have a habit of dropping their glasses, or people who frequently leave glasses on desks, bathroom counters, or bedside tables instead of storing them in the case. All of these people should strongly consider investing in a scratch coating to protect their investment. Scratch coating can also be applied to sunglasses, which are also susceptible to scratches.

Does this change how I clean my glasses?

Yes, some special coatings require you to be more careful cleaning your lenses in order to protect the integrity of the coating. Ask your optician about your specific set of coatings, but in most cases, non-ammonia-based glass cleaner with a soft cloth will be prescribed to keep your lenses clear. Harsher cleaners, certain soaps and paper towels could damage the coating.

Ask your optician at your closest America’s Best retailer about adding a scratch coating to your next pair of eyeglasses. For information about eyeglass lenses and other possible lens upgrades, visit our website.

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