Visually Impaired Use Apps to Make Daily Tasks Easier

Do you know someone who has a difficult time seeing? Do you have an older relative whose macular degeneration (AMD) has taken its toll on their vision? There are tons of smart phone apps, and there are some incredible apps for blind and visually impaired people. When you read about how great these apps are, you’ll recommend them to anyone with vision loss.

Here are three great smart phone apps available to help those who are visually impaired:

I have always wondered how those with severe visual difficulty don’t get taken advantage of when they pay with cash. All dollars feel the same and without sharp vision, telling what denomination that bill is would be a huge challenge. The LookTel Money Identifier App meets that need. You can put the bill in front of the phone’s camera so the app can read aloud the currency and how much it’s worth. The app scans the bill and will match it against their database of bills of most denominations from around the world. It’s a handy way to identify and count your cash!

TapTapSee: Identify Objects through Photos 

What does a visually impaired or blind person do when they open a package of food? What happens when they open the door to their pantry and need to identify some of the boxes? If you can’t tell the crackers from the dog treats, or the toothpaste from the cortisone cream, it could be a serious issue. Enter the TapTapSee App. The app takes a photo of what you’re looking at and then reports it aloud. How does it work? Is there someone live on the other end of your phone looking at your object with you? Not exactly. Instead, the app matches what you took a photo of with their database of thousands of household items and will help you identify it. 

Reader App

One of the biggest struggles for the visually impaired person is not being able to read, and this reader app helps you do just that. Lay out a letter, scan it with the app, and presto… your phone will start reading you the text aloud immediately. (Be My Eyes is another great app that we’ve mentioned here). Feeling like your vision is fading? Head to your closest America’s Best and get a comprehensive eye exam. Though these apps are great, no app can take the place of quality care from your America’s Best optometrist.

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