Anti-Reflective (AR) Coating

Nighttime Glare

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So, you’re getting new glasses and the associate offers you the option of adding anti-reflective coating. You’ve heard the term, but what is it? And do you really need it? Those are probably the first two questions that pop up into your head.

What Is Anti-reflective (AR) Coating

Anti-reflective (AR) coating is a microscopically thin, multilayer optical coating, which allows your lenses to transmit more light, and therefore reduce glare and reflection and improve the lenses efficiency. AR coating makes your lenses look almost invisible. We’re not saying you should get it just for appearance sake, but it does allow eye-to-eye contact because when people look at you. They can actually see your eyes instead of several reflections bouncing off of your lenses where your eyes are supposed to be.

Why Get Anti-Reflective Coating

AR coating is recommended; however, because it creates a much more comfortable eyeglass wearing experience. Anti-reflective, by allowing more light to pass through the lens, decreases glare from digital screens (computers, tablets, smart phones alike), reduce eye strain and reduce overhead glare. It also reduces eye fatigue and as a result those awful headaches we’ve all experienced. Because the light is absorbed and not reflected, you’re also able to see more crisply and clearly through the lenses. AR coating also helps when driving. That’s right, you read correctly. AR coated eyeglass wearers have an easier time driving at night because the reflection of streetlights and headlights is dramatically reduced – you know, those halos that form around tail lights, head lights, or even street lamps. And of course, because it is a coating directly on your lens, it works to protect your lens from dust, dirt and debris that settle on it.

Uses of Anti-Reflective Coating

AR coating can also be applied to prescription and even non-prescription sunglasses, and we recommend doing so. When applied to the back of the sunglass lens, AR coating helps to reduce the reflection and glare that forms when the sun is behind you and bounces off your lenses in your eye. Can you get eyeglasses without anti-reflective coating? Of course.  Do we recommend it? No. We want you to be happy with your glasses, and be happy with the experience you have when wearing them. It’s not easy finding the right pair of glasses and when you do, you should love wearing them. Not suffer from headaches and strained eyes, or have your eyes hidden behind a dozen reflections. For more information or to compare AR coated lenses with non-AR coated lenses, visit your local America’s Best store today and let us show you the difference.

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