4 Ways To Find the Right Pair of Glasses, Fast!

When you ask someone how they are, you usually get one of two responses. They either say “fine,” or “busy”! And, it’s true. We are all busy. With all this technology to make our lives more efficient, most of us find we have less time than ever. So, when it comes to thinking about picking out a new pair of eyeglasses, sometimes it sounds like a task we don’t have time for. I’ve heard people complain that choosing glasses will “take too long.” They liken it to trying to find the perfect swimsuit or the right pair of jeans.

How to Save Time

But the truth is, finding the perfect glasses frame for your face doesn’t have to be a long, drawn out process. In fact, I believe if you follow these four tips, you can pick out the perfect frame for your face and personality in ten minutes or less. I recently picked out a new frame from a fantastic and large selection of designer frames at America’s Best in five minutes. (It would have taken me less time if I hadn’t spent an extra four minutes questioning my original choice!). So, how do you zoom in on your perfect frame when you have, what looks like a million great options to choose from?

1. Know Your Face Shape:

Go in knowing what shape your face is and what shape frame will look best on it. Generally, if you have a rounder face and features, you’ll do great with squarer or angular looking frames. If you have a square or angular jaw line, soften those lines with rounder lenses. Pull back your hair and spend 30 seconds analyzing your shape before you pick your frames so you can zero in on the right ones, fast.

2. Know Your Look:

If you are bold and fearless, choose bright, statement frames. If you are more subtle in your style, look at the more understated eyeglass frames. Don’t try to be something you aren’t when it comes to your glasses. You’ll probably just waste time trying on a bunch of frames that you know aren’t really you. Stick with what you like and you’ll be happiest.

3. Know Your Colors:

Do you always wear gold? Then a silver frame is probably not going to be what you leave with — so why try them on? If your wardrobe colors consist of only shades of black…then odds are you are going to go home with an eyeglass frame that stays true to your color comfort zone.

4. Know Your Budget:

At America’s Best you’ll get two fabulous designer frames for one low price. So, tell your optician your budget so he or she can help steer you towards the frames that best meet your needs.  

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2 Responses

  1. Terence Jerman says:

    My.daughter Rheannon.is scheduled.for an appointment.on February ,20th.at 3:00,pm.she is interested in just grating eyeglasses ,the special for.$69.95. She is a little nervous about getting glasses. She thinks it is going to.be hard picking.out the right pairs. She is afraid.She will.look.funny.wearing glasses. I told her there is nothing to worry about. There are experienced people that will.help picking the right glasses. I.have heard many God things about your.store. I have two.friends that have been coming t ok your store for years. They.told.me.everyone is professional and you can’t beat your prices


    • Claire Rozeman says:

      Hi Terry, Thanks for letting us know your daughter is getting ready to get glasses. That’s very exciting and no reason to be nervous! If you let me know which store you’ll be visiting, I could give them a call to let them know she’s anxious about the appointment. Thanks so much

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