4 Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Glasses Adjusted

Did you know that your optometrist secretly hopes that you’ll come back and see him before your next appointment? No, it’s not because he hopes you’ll have an eye problem or a change in your vision. It’s because he wants you to keep your glasses properly adjusted! Here are four great reasons why you should go back and have your glasses adjusted:

1. Getting a professional glasses adjustment will keep you from being tempted to do it yourself!

The truth is after a few months (or an accidental knock to the head) the way your glasses fit may start to change.  The earpieces (temples) may not wrap around your ears quite as nicely or the temples may be bending out or in too much.  You will probably be tempted to fix them yourself. But, this is the worst thing you could do for your glasses. Yes, these are all easy fixes for your optometrist or optician because they have the tools. Trying to bend your own glasses is a bad idea, could void your warranty, and break your frame!

2. Getting a glasses adjustment will make sure you can see well!

This is especially important if you are wearing bi-focal or tri-focal lenses because your doctor has measured and placed those visual fields in specific different places on your lenses based on your glasses sitting correctly on your nose.  Even in single vision lenses, it can be tough to see when glasses keep sliding down (or off).

3. Getting a glasses adjustment will help your glasses last longer.

Guess what happens when your glasses are too loose? They fall off and may even break. Keeping your glasses fitting correctly on your nose is the best way to take care of them.  With a proper adjustment, your frames should rarely slide around on your face.

4. Getting a glasses adjustment will help you be more comfortable.

The most important reason you should get your glasses adjusted as soon as they start to feel a little “off” is for your own comfort!  Glasses that slide down your nose, pinch your ears, or just feel bad don’t have to stay that way.  Your closest America’s Best retailer can help make sure that your glasses are properly fitted and feel good when you wear them. Need your glasses adjusted? What are you waiting for? Stop by your closest America’s Best retailer today!

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