3 of The Hottest Spring Looks in Men’s Eyeglass Frames

Gentlemen, let me give you a little insider information… women love the glasses look.  Yes, it’s true.  An average man becomes a few degrees hotter when sporting the right pair of stylish eyeglass frames. How do you know if you have the right pair of glasses?  Well, take this simple test.  When’s the last time a woman commented that she liked your eyeglasses?  If it’s been a while, then I think it’s time for an update.  You won’t regret it… There are several must-have looks this season that are both trendy and sophisticated.  And, here’s the best news:  Updating your glasses look is one of the most cost-effective ways to transform your entire appearance.  Think about it this way — buying a whole new wardrobe would cost you some major coin (not to mention require you to hang out at the mall for a very long time).  But, a brand new pair of glasses offers you the chance to update with one bargain purchase, in one store, in just a few hours. I understand that the choosing-a-new-pair-of-glasses process may be daunting.  That’s why I want to help you out today by showing you the three hottest looks in men’s designer eyeglasses so that you can choose which look you want and go into the store confident and ready to tell your America’s Best optician exactly what you are looking for. Here they are in no particular order…

Cool Colors:

Guys don’t be afraid to commit to one of this year’s hot colors when choosing a pair of designer eyeglass frames.  I love this pair by Randy Jackson and it’s hot blue tones! Blue and Black Eyeglasses for Men from Randy Jackson  

Semi-Rimless Looks:

Just like cat-eye looks are hot in ladies frames, men’s frames featuring heavy brows are what’s in vogue now.  Choose a plastic or metal frame look and go as thick or as thin on the top of that rim–the piece of the frame that mimics the brow line–as you feel comfortable.  Here are two great examples of semi-rimless looks. Thin brow: Black TapOut Glasses for Men Thicker brow: Randy Jackson Black and Tortoise Glasses for Men

Horn-Rimmed Updated:

Geek chic can look super suave on a man.  I recently caught Harry Connick, Jr. wearing a gray pair of horn-rimmed plastic frames that looked anything but old-fashioned.  For the most modern look, choose the newer and unconventional colors instead of a solid black pair.  Here are two examples of fashion frames with this look: Navy Men's Eyeglasses from Randy JacksonMen's Black Eyeglasses from Artistic Values Hurry to your closest America’s Best retailer and try on the style that appeals to you the most, today!  

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