20/20 Vision Explained

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Some people are so proud of having 20/20 vision. They gloat; they cover their eye and read signs and small font from afar. But what does that actually mean? Though the term 20/20 is popular, its definition is not.

What is 20/20 Vision?

The phrase 20/20 vision was invented by Herman Snellen, a Dutch ophthalmologist, who designed the first eye chart (known as the Snellen Chart). This chart, created in 1862, is still used today. The basis of this chart is pretty simple, actually. 20 feet is the approximate distance your eyes can filter light to your retina without bending it. Basically, it’s the standard distance for natural “normal” vision. So when someone says you can see 20/20, it isn’t necessarily a compliment; it just means that you’re normally seeing what someone at a 20 ft distance should be able to see. For the purpose of this article, it’s the “norm.” If your eyesight is more 20/40, that just translates to you see at a 20ft distance what a “normal sighted” person can see at a 40ft distance. 20/40 is weaker than average eyesight, but thankfully, someone created eyeglasses and contact lenses to even the playing ground a little bit. (For the record, the cut off for being declared legally blind in the United States is 20/200. Just a bit of trivia for you!) In the opposite corner, we have people that can see 20/10 vision. This just means that a person with 20/10 vision can see naturally at 20 feet that which “normal sighted” people see at 10. Eyesight like 20/10 or 20/15 means you have better than average vision. And more than likely your friends and family are envious. Unless they shop with us. At America’s Best, we have some of the most chic eyeglasses and modish trends available. We have designer glasses for men and women, prescription sunglasses, and anything else needed to make “imperfect” vision look and feel perfect. You can change your look every day, from funky and fabulous to chic and geek all with the simple switch of a frame. How many people with 20/20 vision can say the same?

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