1970s style: Metal Frames with Large Lenses

Bellbottom pants, wavy hair, and large metal eyeglasses. If I gave you these three words and asked you what decade I referred to, you’d likely have one answer. 1970s style!

Ahhh . . .as I look at pictures of women and men from this era, my first thought when I see those eyeglasses is simply, “Why?” I wonder how they could have thought that trend looked good. Shiny gold frames that take up a lot of real estate on the person’s face, in a shape that may or may not be flattering. Why did they do it?

Men's Ray-Ban Aviator LargeNow I know. They did it for style.

It’s the same reason why I wore a clunky plastic watch even when I (secretly) thought they were kind of ugly. It’s the same reason why women who once turned their nose up at short, sheep-shearing boots now go crazy over those fuzzy winter boots.

If you are a follower of glasses trends . . .get ready! Large metal frames with over-sized lenses are on their way back in style. If you like the trend but don’t want to over-commit and fully return to the disco era, you can opt for a nice pair of metal aviator sunglasses, like these from Ray-Ban®.

Or just go for it! Pull on some velour, find a bohemian-looking shirt and platform shoes, feather your hair and choose a frame like this one:

Men's Robert Latour 300 Glasses

If you aren’t quite ready to “go there” yet, check out more feminine takes on the over-sized gold metal frame. Look at this one from Ray-Ban®. It’s got some modern styling but still has the over-sized metal feel:

Women's Ray-Ban Glasses 6345

Women's Glasses Mimic 5005
This frame from Mimic also offers a unique take on the vintage 1970s styling. The temples on this frame give it some extra flare while the cat eye gives it a more flattering look. The lenses aren’t as over-sized, but the shape lends the same effect. (Remember how those 1970s style frames covered from the top of the eyebrow to halfway down your cheek?)
America’s Best stocks new designer eyeglass frames at exceptional prices every single day. So, stop by a store closest to you and find the right fashion frame for your look.

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